Our Services

The following table contains deliverables/outputs for each of the components of service that can be provided by InterHealth Saudi Arabia. It includes pre-operating activities, in addition to the operations and management of any health-related projects.

Service Offering Key Outputs and Deliverables
Feasibility study and Financial Model ·      Review or develop where information is unavailable/insufficient

·      Review the financial plan

·      Review the operational plan

·      Develop the Financial Model

Functional Programming Review and Development ·      Recommended key areas of clinical specialties, department sizes and support services

·      Clinical services plan

·      Clinical Functional Design Review

·      Clinical Services Phasing Plan

·      Clinical Risks Review

·      Compliance with healthcare standards

·      Review of summary Medical Equipment Bill of Quantity (BoQ) for clinical and non-clinical equipment

·      Review of medical equipment placement working with the architects

Medical Equipment Planning (including supplies and consumables) ·      Medical Equipment Plan

·      Equipment list including supplies and consumables

·      Review of fully loaded design drawings that show placement of equipment

·      Medical Equipment Phasing Plan

·      Medical Equipment Installation and Training Plan overview (to be revised during the commissioning phase).

Health Informatics & Information Technology Strategy ·      Health Informatics & IT Strategy

·      Business capability document which includes high-level target operating model

·      High-level capacity plan

·      Performance dashboard requirements for all Health Informatics & IT

·      Functional and non-functional requirements

·      Project start-up documentation including OBC, Project Approach and Project Brief

Recruitment Strategy / HR Planning ·      Provision of corporate structure

·      Provisional staffing pricing

·      Orientation Plan

·      Training Plan

Healthcare Planning during Construction All on an as needed basis:

·      Project status reporting structure

·      Project quality controls

·      Risk and Issue logs

·      Workshops, reports

Recruitment Services/ Staff Pre-Opening Training and Orientation Oversight ·      Recruitment per Manpower Plan

·      Complete scope and deliverables to be developed once the structure of hospital employment has been finalized.

Health Informatics and Information Technology Commissioning ·      Health Informatics & IT Strategy Implementation

·      Implementation and refinement of the IT Strategy & Master Plan

·      Implementation and customization (where required) of the IT and HIS system

·      Integration with regulatory and billing networks where required

Operational Master Plan ·      Agree on fundamental design principles of process flows and policies and procedures in line with the operating model;

·      Draft the process flows and clinical guidelines/ policies/procedures for each core business processes;

·      Leverage from our database of knowledge and draw upon relevant findings from other engagements of similar nature; and

·      Finalize the process flows and clinical guidelines/ policies/procedures with the relevant process owners.

·      Service based operating model;

·      Model of care;

·      Business process flows;

·      Clinical/ Patient Pathways; and

·      Guidelines/ policies / procedures

General Commissioning Activities ·      Snag list in the facility are concluded or a plan is in place to conclude them;

·      Hospital is in a clean and safe environmental mode for the receipt of staff and patients;

·      All required insurance policies are in place;

·      PRO services are in place;

·      Recruitment and mobilization of staff is running smoothly;

·      Staff induction and orientation programs are in place;

·      Subcontracted services are in place;

·      Medical and non-medical equipment training programs underway;

·      Consumables and minimum order criteria in place;

·      Establish and implement financial systems and policies;

·      Departmental and administrative policies and procedures in place;

·      Dry runs implemented;

·      Ready for Go-Live Date