Public Health Protection Project

Public Health Protection Program

The Public Health Protection project aims to develop an integrated Public Health Protection Strategy in the kingdom, in accordance with what was stated in the Fifth and Seventh Strategic Principles included in the Health Care Strategy. The Fifth Principle stating “The role of Ministry of Health and other government agencies” includes the second implementation mechanism “Ensuring the provision of integrated and comprehensive health care for the entire population in a fair and accessible manner”, which came under the first policy for that Strategic Principle “The role of the Ministry of Health, considering the roles of other relevant ministries and agencies”.


The seventh principle “Primary Health Care” states that primary health care services provided by the Ministry of Health and other entities in the healthcare sector, including the private sector, should be considered as the cornerstone of the healthcare system. The third policy of that Principle stipulates that achieving comprehensive and integrated primary health care services will serve as a safety valve for the system through a proactive role in health improvement for the entire population.