Leadership Team

Dr. Mohammed Al Jumah is an experienced healthcare leader with wide range of knowledge in the national and regional healthcare scene. Dr. Jumah is the General Manager of InterHealth Canada’s office in Saudi Arabia.

As a founding member of the King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC), Dr. Jumah successfully led the establishment of KAIMRC as a model to serve the national and regional healthcare needs and challenges through translational research. Within four years of its establishment; KAIMRC is recognized as one of the renowned research institutes worldwide. Dr. Jumah was responsible for leading the establishment period focusing on healthcare needs assessment, strategic planning, facility needs forecasting & design, technology selection, risk management, creation of an evolving culture to serve the mission of the organization, developing a business model to secure the center’s sustainability and establishing national and international partnership with leading academic and healthcare industry institutions.

Mr. Fuad Zubaidi brings extensive international experience to InterHealth as he has worked in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UK, Canada and the USA. He is essential to developing infrastructure projects in healthcare and construction with the Public-Private Partnership concept (PPP) in healthcare. As InterHealth’s previous Chief Technology Officer, he is responsible for Hospital IT solution development, building medical record solutions, integrating vendor products, developing reporting systems, interfacing IT solutions with clinical pathways and developing proper training solutions.

Fuad was instrumental in the development of the E-Health solution for the Turks & Caicos Islands Hospitals, insuring that staff would have quick access to up-to-date medical records for patients and visitors alike. His programs ensure that owners and operators are given adequate monitoring tools and reports to optimize the hospital services for maximum efficiency and quality.